Engine Stand 750 lbs (3/8 Ton) Rotating Engine Motor Stand with 360 Degree Adjustable Head, Cast Iron Motor Hoist Dolly, 4-Caster, 4 Adjustable Arms, for Vehicle Maintenance, Auto Repair

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750LBS Engine Stand: With rigorous testing, it has been proven to securely hold up to a whopping 750 lb (3/8 Ton), allowing your engine is held in place safely and firmly. The upgraded H-shaped base takes the place of the traditional T-shaped base, making the engine stand even more stable. No more worrying about shaking or tilting!
Built to Last: Made from selected alloy steel, this engine stand provides stable support for your engine. It is not prone to deformation or fracture, even with long-term use. The electrostatic spraying surface also provides an added layer of protection against rust that your engine stand will look new for years to come.

Tight and Secure: The 1.1" long hex head bolts on the mounting arms provide a tight, secure grip on your engine blocks, eliminating any worry of loosening during maintenance. The adjustable and 360° rotatable mounting arms ensure you get the job done efficiently and effectively. The body of the engine stand is made from cast iron material, which is known for its strength and durability.

Movable and Lockable: Equipped with 2 pcs fixed wheels and 2 pcs 360° universal wheels (1 of which has a brake), this engine stand can be easily moved and positioned exactly where you need it. The casters are made from QT450 cast iron material, providing resistance against pressure and wear, ensuring that your engine stand will perform smoothly for years to come.

Great for Your Repair Work: This engine stand is compatible with various brands of engine blocks and comes with a 20" extended handle and 6 location holes, making rotation and fixing hassle-free. The engine stand is great for your work, whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast.