electric candle warmer Electric Oil Burner Wax Melts Warmer Metal Candle Tart Essential Oil Melter Fragrance Burner for Warming Scented Candles

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Color Octagonal Fireplace
Material Metal
Special Feature Wax melts burner, Oil burner electric, Scented wax melts burner, Scented wax warmer electric, Wax melts burner electric See more
Product Dimensions 4.7"L x 4.7"W x 5.3"H
  • Decorative Lights: The classic fireplace pattern design is a decoration no matter where you place it in your home, and it has eight special sides. The material is metal and plastic electric oil burner that you don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking. It can be used as a night light at night.
  • Operation Easy: Just plug in the power, you can put on wax blocks or add a few drops of essential oil in water, and then turn on the switch. The process of using the wax melts warmer works really well, without the danger of knocking over a lit candle, or forgetting to extinguish it, or the smoke given off after you blow a candle out.
  • Fragrance Life: When you have a wax melts burner, it is an elegant fragrance enjoyment every time you get home. The faint light of the wax melts warmer can also create a warm and romantic atmosphere. To experience the new style of fragrance life starts with obtaining a wax melts burner.
  • Scent Maker: From today, let's live in a house full of fragrance. This wax melts warmer can be used with essential oils or wax blocks. Choose your favorite fragrance. When it is turned on, the smell will fill your home, so it can help you eliminate the worst smells, such as smoke, tobacco, pet urine, rubbish, and unpleasant bathroom smell, what could be happier than being surrounded by soothing smell.
  • Gift Choice: Are you still worrying about choosing gifts? --Friends moving, housewarming, birthdays, holidays to send elders, our wax melts burners are your best choice. You can choose the fragrance burner for your beloved ones. This is undoubtedly a gift full of gratitude.